Outcomes Pre-Intermediate by Hugh Dellar, , available at Book Natural, real-world grammar and vocabulary help students to succeed in. Click on the links below to download a sample unit from the Student's Book, Workbook and Teacher's Book of Outcomes Pre-intermediate, including the class . There is a strong emphasis on real and natural English usage so students can develop the Outcomes Pre-Intermediate: Teacher's Book with Class Audio CD.

Outcomes Pre-intermediate Students Book

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Get this from a library! Outcomes: pre-intermediate student's book. [Hugh Dellar; Andrew Walkley] -- Outcomes is a general English course in which real-world. Outcomes Download for free Students Book workbook Teachers book Audio Video Elementary Pre Upper Intermediate Advanced - first and second editions. Frequently bought together. Outcomes Pre-Intermediate: Real English for the Real World. +. Outcomes Pre-Intermediate: Teacher's Book with Class Audio CD. +.

In both the printed book and the online course, these sets are linked by a common theme, with the first set normally featuring conversation, while the second and third sets typically focus on reading or listening.

In the online course, you will also revisit the grammar and vocabulary points introduced and developed throughout all units in the book.

Please see the key below. Unit 1, Set 1, of the online course, for example, is made up of the following four activities: V: People you L: A friend of G: Question C: Responding know mine formation naturally Note that there is often a slight variation between the book and the online activity titles.

The online course also has a Review after every four units. Although these activities are always drawn from the previous four units, reinforcing what you have already learnt, the online reviews are not necessarily correlated to the Review Units in the book.

These references include more examples and further explanation of the grammar lessons introduced in the units. They have been reproduced from the back of the book and made available online for your convenience.

They allow you to test your listening strategies and cultivate better listening comprehension skills.

Outcomes : pre-intermediate student's book

All listening activities invite you to first test your headphones. You can pause or stop the audio, and you can adjust the volume.

C: Treviso: a small city in the north-east. Old buildings, and a river and a park.

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Benetton is based there. Muscat: in the Middle East — on the Indian Ocean, capital of the country, millions of people, beautiful — sea and mountains. Port Isabel: lovely climate and beach, near the Mexican border Vocabulary: A: 1 buildings — other words are about climate 2 a forest — others are about industry 3 dirty — others are about nature 4 churches — others are about transport 5 village — others are about city life 6 squares — others are about the countryside 7 desert — others are about the sea 8 modern — others are old 9 lovely — others are negative, about crimes 10 financial — others are about water Note bank might be tricky, but here it relates to a river bank.

B: Good: freedom, nice place, own room Bad: has to do everything himself, e.

Could you show me how to use the shower, please? Could you leave your shoes at the door, please? Afford v , compare v , advise v , finance n , chemical n , centre n , physics n affordable comparable advisable inevitable financial chemical central physical B: 1 industrial 2 enjoyable 3 musical 4 cultural 5 curable 6 acceptable 7 reliable 8 occasional pp.

You keep to one by saving and not spending too much. Good idea.

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Grammar: A: 1 were installing 2 had tried 3 had already arrived 4 would be 5 could offer B: 1 How well do you know the area? The Redeadening, a horror movie, really scary.

D: 1 for 2 has produced 3 has been conducting 4 has had 5 has been writing 6 started 7 has won 8 since 9 loved 10 since 11 has been shown pp. B: a kettle, a mop and bucket, a saucepan, an iron, a bin, a shower rail, a dustpan and brush, an ironing board, a needle and thread, a bottle of bleach D: 1 a towel 2 a cloth 3 a plaster 4 a pan 5 a torch 6 a needle and thread 7 a mop and bucket 8 a vacuum cleaner Developing Conversations: A: 1 in, on 2 under 3 on 4 on 5 in 6 in, under 7 in, above 8 by pp.

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Badly: a lot of unemployment; high cost of living; unemployment has gone up; weak currency. Listening: A: 1 good, but not as good as it used to be 2 not very well 3 because he has better opportunities at home in Canada and he misses his friends and family B: 1 at the 2 in 3 last few months 4 back home 5 twice 6 in 7 in 8 while Grammar: A: 1 is doing 2 has fallen 3 has gone up 4 used to be 5 is going to be 6 is currently losing 7 is going to fall 8 used to be 9 is getting 10 used to have Developing Conversations: A: 1 suit 5 litre 2 packet 6 pair 3 can 7 digital camera 4 laptop 8 kilo pp.

He looks sad. Vocabulary: A: 1 Wish you were here. Having a great time here.

Outcomes Intermediate SB

What did you say? Can you repeat it?

Where did you get them? Stay calm.

Speak up. Do something.

Go ahead. Exercise 2 1 Could you pour me some water, please?

Exercise 2 1 The food in Laos was quite strange. Most days, we had spicy noodles for breakfast — sometimes with an egg on top.If a spark is the initiating event there is a probability that the spark will start a fire or will not start a fire binary yes or no as well as the probability that the fire spreads to a tree or does not spread to a tree.

Outcomes Advanced Andrew Walkley. Before you begin, please take a few moments to read through this guide for some important information on the structure and functionality of MyOutcomes Online. Outcomes Upper Intermediate: Create lists, bibliographies and reviews: Suggested answers Good: You may not rewind or fast-forward any audio clips. Good things: Did you do anything yesterday?

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